Link: Sunscreen Active Ingredients

I’m in the middle of building a long post, but I wanted to take time out from that to share a link I found.

I follow a YouTuber, “Hot and Flashy“. Angie discusses skin care and makeup for older women, and sometimes gets skin care science geeky (which I love). Every year she discusses sunscreens. Her most recent video taks about sunscreen active ingredients, and she linked to the following web page.

Sunscreen Active Ingredients on the Skinacea blog.

Sunscreen Actives screenshot

Sunscreen Actives chart screenshot

This page is mostly a large chart listing all sunscreen actives as of 2012 (when this post was written). For each ingredient they list:

  • the names you might see on the ingredient (INCI) list
  • which UV rays it protects against
  • maximum percentage allowed in a product
  • how it works to protect you
  • Other comments

There’s other useful information at the end of the table.


I’m definitely using this table when I next go sunscreen shopping!


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