Favorite Links

Here’s a list of my favorite reference and shopping sites. I’ll be adding to it frequently, so you may want to check back for anything new.

General Shopping

Amazon.com      http://amzn.to/2p40Gad     (affiliate)    Added 10 March 2018

Amazon is the 800 lb gorilla of shopping sites. They sell almost everything, and are usually one of the lower prices vendors of basic products. They also serve as a fulfilment house for other sellers, and some of those may be selling illegal dupes, gray market items, or low quality merchandise. Check the “Sold and Shipped by” information, and Caveat Emptor!

Skin Care & Makeup


Household Products


Here are the affiliates and affiliate networks I take part in. When possible, I’ll let you know how the affiliate helps me, and how you can tell which links are for which affiliate.

You don’t have to use my affiliate links! If you search on the product, you’ll find other ways to purchase it, where I won’t make a penny. If you do use the link, I’ll get a small amount to help me support this blog.

Amazon.com (USA site)     Amazon affiliate links begin amzn.to. I get a small percent of the sale price.

ShopStyle     Links begin shopstyle.it. ShopStyle pays a tiny amount (usually less than a nickel) each time you click on one of their links. They will close my account if there are too many clicks too quickly from one source, so only click if you are interested in finding out more about the product.




[This is for Hilda, so I include all the important information on every listing.]

Name      Link     (affiliate?)    date added

Brief description, why I like this, what I don’t like about it.

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