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  • Holy Grail with Foundation My Holy Grail Foundation - If you follow any beauty bloggers/vloggers for long, you’ll hear the term “Holy Grail Foundation”. By this, they mean the perfect foundation, the one that does everything they want (and nothing they don’t want). Foundations are tricky make-up products, finding the perfect one is about as easy as … finding the real Holy Grail*. I […]
  • Garbled Street Names - … and where do you live again? I used public transit to commute to a recent job … there’s a recorded announcement of each stop. As usual with transit PA systems, the sound quality isn’t the best. Some street names don’t sound at all like their real names — here are a few of my […]
  • Empties - A common subject for beauty video bloggers is Empties, or products they actually use up. [And they tend to have so many products, it’s a wonder they use anything up!] I thought the subject might be useful for me, a woman who uses fewer products in total. So, here are some of the toiletries and […]
  • Long Time, No Post - I haven’t abandoned this blog … it’s just that my life has been incredibly crazy recently. Without going into details, I’ve dealt with: getting a new job, with a very long commute; not one, but two complex legal actions summer vacation with a 15 year old … much better for us to go do things […]
  • Vera Venus Sewing Blog, with Patterns - A quick shout-out for my new favorite sewing blog, Vera Venus. Vera Venus is Jeanne, a freelance costume maker living in the UK. She loves fashions of the 1940s. Her blog is filled with sewing tips, bits of clothing history, and a sizeable number of free patterns. For example, this is a pair of two […]
  • A Grumble About “Curvy” - I’m not usually one to rant about language. Word meanings change, and we need to adapt. [“A gay affair” meant something very different 100 years ago!] But every time I see the word “curvy” used as a euphemism for overweight, I have an internal grumble. To me, curvy means exactly that — a person whose […]
  • Romnan Hairstyles Time Traveler’s Reference: Roman Hairstyles - When in Rome … Wear Your Hair Right I’m starting  new topic today. There’s so much interesting history research out there … and the internet makes it available to anyone with a computer. While some research is very scholarly, some is practical — if you’re a time traveler. So, this category will serve as a […]
  • Man in bad and good color shirts Color Analysis for Men - Recently, I was commenting on the MMSL Forum Men’s clothing thread about color analysis. Several men asked for more info, and so not to be too off-topic there, I’m posting it here. Welcome, MMSL friends! Readers who don’t know about Athol Kay and the MMSL forum, check it out for relationship advice and self-improvement tips. […]
  • Clothing Size Chart by Brand - Why is My Size Larger at H&M than Chico’s? When I was chasing down some obscure sewing information, I came across this chart. It definitely needs more publicity. As you can see, it shows bust, waist and hip measurements for a number of different clothing brands. All those lines are a bit confusing, so let’s […]
  • Viking 775 Sewing Machine I Love My Husky - I grew up believing that a sewing machine was as essential a household appliance as a vacuum cleaner. Even if one didn’t make clothing, there were curtains to run up, Halloween candy bags to make, and assorted little tasks that needed a sewing machine. My mom made clothing too, but it always had that “home […]