About Hilda

Hilds'a HidingHilda Corners isn’t my real name. And that photo to the left, the super-grainy one with the bad color profile, may not be me. For the moment, I’m anonymous.

Here’s what I’m willing to tell you:

  • I’m closer to 60 than 50
  • I inherited youthful genes. That photo above was taken when I was almost 54, no makeup or hair dye. I look a bit older now, but not much. This is why I’m just now learning about makeup … when I was younger, I didn’t need any. [And for years, I was stuck in an all-natural 1970s time warp.]
  • I’m single, after 35 years of serial monogamy. I still like men, and want one in my life. But I’m picky, very picky after having been burned more than once. I will find someone eventually, his code name is The Sigma Unicorn.
  • I have children, out of the house except for one last teen.
  • I’m a hard-core Maker. If I don’t have at least one project, I feel completely lost.
  • My Enneagram is 5w4. It’s amazing to me how accurate this is.
  • My MBTI code is Ixxx. Introvert, and smack down the middle on everything else. In other words, useless.
  • I don’t know my horoscope sign in the Western system, and am not sure when I was conceived for the Chinese system. Besides, it’s bunk.
  • I love music, always have. I still own the first album I ever bought (Sounds of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel). My favorite musicians are starting to die of old age-related things, and that’s disturbing.
  • My real-life job is web designer/developer and graphic designer. [Official title: UX/UI Designer, which means little outside the industry.] I take on freelance projects, so if you’re interested, let me know.

Affiliate Programs & Sponsored Posts

I talk about a lot of products, services and software in my blog. In order to help with expenses, I take part in several affiliate programs. Though I haven’t yet been asked to do so, I may accept money for sponsored posts.

What’s an Affiliate Link?

As a form of advertising, many sellers have affiliate programs. I’m a member of a few of these, and am thinking of joining more.

I don’t get paid to promote products, and nobody is telling me what to write. I don’t play that game, partly because I’m too small a blogger for the Big Guns to pay attention.

Once I have joined an affiliate program, I can create a special link to a product that seller has in inventory. If a reader clicks on the link, they go to the product as usual. If the reader buys, they pay the regular price, and get to take advantage of any sales, discount codes, etc. The seller then pays my a tiny percentage (usually less than 5%) of the sale amount as an affiliate commission, a sort of “thanks for steering the sale to us”.

I will never join affiliate programs for sellers I would not do business with personally. If I find a seller is giving lousy service, I’ll stop using their program and change my links.

If you don’t want to buy through an affiliate link, that’s fine with me. Use your favorite search engine to find a seller.

What’s a Sponsored Post?

Sometimes product creators or sellers pay bloggers to create a special post for them. The posts can range from “talk about anything we sell” to “here’s your script, and we’ll edit your post and choose the images we want you to include.” Sponsored content is very common on YouTube, less so on blogs.

I will never do the last sort of post. If I’m asked to do a sponsored post, I will only do it if:

  • I maintain full editorial control of both text and images. The sponsor does not have any control over what I write.
  • the product/service/software is one I use myself and think is worth purchasing. If it’s new, I’ll ask for an advance copy and do a lot of research/testing.
  • I will note several times, in the title and body of the post, that it’s sponsored.
  • I might disclose the payment (dollars or items) I’m receiving.

If you want to talk to me privately, use the form below.