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I’m Back … I Hope

Yes, Hilda’s back. For the last 18 months, I was involved in a major work project, with major travel. Several things in my life had to take a back seat, including this blog. The project is over now, and I’m able to blog again. Stay tuned for new posts. I had time to outline several […]

Garbled Street Names

… and where do you live again? I used public transit to commute to a recent job … there’s a recorded announcement of each stop. As usual with transit PA systems, the sound quality isn’t the best. Some street names don’t sound at all like their real names — here are a few of my […]

Welcome to My World

We all know who this fellow is: When some friends started sharing “Most Interesting Man in the World” jokes, I realized I’m an interesting woman. And while I’ll be keeping much of my life off the record (including my real name, for now), I do have things I want to share. So I’m starting this […]