Product Review: CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

CeraVe Cleanser

What is it? A high quality, low priced, non-foaming face cleanser

Manufacturer/Company: CeraVe is its own company. As of January 2017, it’s part of the L’Oreal family.

Quantity/price/usage:  A 12 ounce bottle costs between $10 and $15, depending on where you buy it. At one pump per wash, it should last several months.

Active/Good ingredients: Ceramides (help skin cells work better), hyaluronic acid (attracts moisture). Does not contain sulfates, alcohol, fragrance (natural, synthetic or essential oil)

Negatives: If you think parabens are evil (I don’t), this has them. It may be too moisturizing for oily skins. CeraVe says they don’t test on animals, but there’s no certification on the website, and L’Oreal does sell in countries that require testing.

Why I like this: When my daughter moved away to school, she left half a bottle in the house. I tried using it on a hot muggy evening when my skin was oily, it felt like it didn’t clean well. But 6 months later, when it was cold and my skin was dry, this cleaner showed its full potential.

It feels like you’re putting lotion on your face. It doesn’t foam, and feels luxurious. It rinses clean, or you can remove it with a wet cloth (see How to Wash Your Face). My face feels soft and smooth afterwards.

It doesn’t remove makeup/SPF well, unless you apply it to dry skin. Then it removes everything except waterproof eye makeup.

If my skin is feeling dry and unloved, I’ll use this as a body cleanser. I’ve even used it as a shaving cream.

Availablity: Everywhere in the USA: drug stores, “big box” stores, even supermarkets. I don’t know much about global distribution (comment, please!); I do know it just showed up in the UK.

Stocked by Amazon … to avoid grey and black market versions, make sure the one you order is marked “Sold and shipped by”. This link is a good one (affiliate).

Also available at Target and Ulta. (affiliate links)

There’s a coupon on CeraVe’s website, and Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons work, too.

Disclaimer/affiliate info

Affiliate links in the above review are marked, others are not affiliate. Please see my About Hilda page for more affiliate information.



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