Garbled Street Names

… and where do you live again?

Dysfunction Junction

Some strange street names are real.

I used public transit to commute to a recent job … there’s a recorded announcement of each stop. As usual with transit PA systems, the sound quality isn’t the best. Some street names don’t sound at all like their real names — here are a few of my favorites.

[Note: The wise person may be able to decipher this list and discover my old transit route. Don’t assume you know where I live now; I may have moved since I took this commute.]

•    Blargh Street
•    Symbiont Street  or was is Sivivon (dreidl)
•    Beta Squared
•    Brain Tree
•    Fokker Ave.
•    Glaucous Avenue
•    Service to Edward, P.A.

Do you have a list like this? Or any other garbled street names? Real ones please … it’s too easy to make up names.


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  1. Noticed your profile on OKC. You intrigue me. And if you were accurate about your geography, we both live in the same town. If you’d like to compare notes, EM me at:


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