A common subject for beauty video bloggers is Empties, or products they actually use up. [And they tend to have so many products, it’s a wonder they use anything up!] I thought the subject might be useful for me, a woman who uses fewer products in total.

So, here are some of the toiletries and beauty products I’ve used up recently. These are not photos of my empties, but of the items on sale on the InterWebz. [Note: Links to Amazon.com are affiliate links.]

Lobob Optimum Cleaning Disinfecting and Storage Solution, 4 oz

Contact Lens Soak

Optimum Solution

I go through a bottle every 2-3 months … this was recommended by my eye doctor for my gas perms.

I started wearing contacts in my 20s … the first day I wore them, a bag boy in the supermarket asked me out! I’ve never gone back to “coke bottle bottom” eyeglasses again.

This soak is a cleaner as well, and works well. I use the cleanser in the series when my lenses need a little extra cleaning.


Tom’s ToothpasteTom's of Maine Natural Whole Care Toothpaste, Peppermint, 4.7 Ounce

I use toothpaste sparingly, so a tube lasts me a long time. I hate the overly artificial sweetness of most toothpastes, Tom’s is one of the few I like.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, 12 OunceCeraVe Cleanser

My daughter, the make-up artist “gifted” me with a half-used bottle when she moved away last year. It took me a while to start using it, and longer before I started liking it. This cleanser removes my makeup perfectly, and does not remove my skin oils … as my skin is normal, this works for all but my oiliest days. It leaves my skin soft, and I swear my “fine lines” are disappearing, too.

When I used up the bottle a month ago, I went right out and bought more.

Trader Joe’s Body WashTrader Joe's Refresh Citrus Body Wash with Vitamin C - Cruelty Free, 16 Fl Oz (473 mL)

I like body products that smell good, even though Paula Begoun (Paula’s Choice) thinks fragranced products are the work of the devil. I figure, if I’m rinsing it off right away, it’s not around long enough to do damage.

TJ’s basic body wash has a light citrus scent, cleans well, and is relatively inexpensive.

No link … the price at Amazon is three times what it costs in the store. Ridiculous!

Suave Shampoo

My son and I both use this … plain old shampoo, with a scent that doesn’t linger. We get the Ocean scent. No link, no photo … you can buy this just about anywhere.

Nexxus Conditioner with Pump, Humectress Replenishing System 33.8 ozHumectant Conditioner

I do spend money on hair conditioner, though I look for savings here too.

For years I used Suave’s clone of Nexxus Humectress Conditioner (original in photo) — it did nice things to my thick, fine, long hair, and didn’t cost a lot. About 6-7 years ago, I started experimenting with other conditioners, none worked as well. So last summer, I decided to go back to my tried & true … only to discover it was no longer made. <sad face>

But the store I was in carries a different brand’s clone … and that brand works just as well. My hair looks good again, though a bit gray-er.

Paula’s BHA body lotion

I have keratis pilaris, little bumps of skin on my upper arms and thighs. In the late 1990s I discovered that Paula’s Choice BHA body lotion got rid of the bumps. Yay! Only she has so much film former in the recipe that I felt like I applied a thin layer of plastic wrap. And the fragrance-free formula smelled of the ingredients used to make it, and they weren’t all “pretty”. I used the lotion as seldom as I could get away with, hating the smell and texture but loving the result.

About 2 years ago, I bought the lotion again, and the formula was different — less film former! It still doesn’t smell great, but it’s easier to use. I am almost out, need to buy more the next time I can get it at a discount.


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