Vera Venus Sewing Blog, with Patterns

A quick shout-out for my new favorite sewing blog, Vera Venus.

Vera Venus is Jeanne, a freelance costume maker living in the UK. She loves fashions of the 1940s. Her blog is filled with sewing tips, bits of clothing history, and a sizeable number of free patterns.

For example, this is a pair of two patterns, one for the halter bodice and another for the skirt. Jeanne also suggests you can make a straight skirt, or add full shorts for a romper.

Not for Beginners

Most of the Vera Venus patterns come in only one size. [A few come in two sizes, or are instructions for drafting to your measurements.] Fortunately for me, that size is close to my size. Jeane links to an article on pattern grading, so it is possible to take the patterns and change the size.

Her patterns also come with minimal sewing instructions. You definitely need to know how garment sewing works to use them.

Don’t complain; the patterns are 100% free. It must have taken Jeanne a long time to make the patterns suitable for uploading as they are — it would take hours and hours more for her to make multiple sizes and provide comprehensive instructions.

I’m working on her French Knickers now, and have her Keyhole blouse on my project list.


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