Sigma Unicorns

In a couple posts so far I’ve mentioned Sigma Unicorns. I’m sure I’ll mention them in the future. So I thought I’d give you a short post explaining what a Sigma Unicorn is.

Meet My Neighbor in the Red Pill Room

Ian IronwoodIan Ironwood runs the blog, The Red Pill Room. This blog is primarily aimed at men, and has lots of posts about being a better man, marriage improvement, and similar. More recently, he’s taken to radical-feminist bashing. I miss his relationship material.

In 2013, Ian (whose name is as real as “Hilda Corners”) wrote about different types of man. Paraphrasing from one article, there are Bear, Bull and Wolf Alphas:

  • Bears  “are the kind of men who other men admire and who are often so committed to an ideal that their family, wife, and personal lives are secondary to that ideal or passion.” They don’t make great life partners, unless you share their passion.
  • Bulls are the pick up artists. “the traditional playboy, the over-sexed harem-developing dude who can commit to a hairstyle more easily than committing to a woman.” Also not my type.
  • Wolf Alphas are pack leaders, where the pack is their family. “A Wolf Alpha is a man who has essentially made the survival and prosperity of his family, and the members thereof, his personal responsibility.” Sounds great, if you’re looking to begin a family … but my family is leaving the nest.

Then there are Betas, men who prefer not to be leaders in any way. Great guys, just don’t put them in charge of anything. Finally, there are Omegas, men who can’t lead, can’t follow, and just aren’t very good at beig human.

Some Men Don’t Fit the Model


Why a centaur, not a unicorn? Read on

Some men seem to ignore the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega classification. They are extreme individualists. Ian calls them Sigmas. To quote:

Sigmas are a mystery by design, … they don’t come by social skills naturally, they usually have to observe and consciously integrate them…. A Sigma who develops self-mastery transforms from a clumsy, earnest, and often-misunderstood young man into a powerful and versatile mature man.

I could keep quoting … just go read the post.

I’ve been looking for a Sigma all my life. I thought I found one, only under the Sigma was an Omega. Sigh. I’ve met a few Sigmas since; they were either happily mrried or asexual. Double sigh.

Unicorn Hunting

In modern dating talk, a Unicorn is your perfect partner, the one that checks every box on your list, including the ones you don’t know you need. I’ve spent so long looking for my Sigma, I’m beginning to think he’s mythical, and a Unicorn. Thus the name Sigma Unicorn.

If you happen to come across a single Sigma in his mid-late 50s, please let me know.


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