Tools: Tweezerman Tweezers

When my father passed on, I inherited his jewelry-making tools. Among them were some very fine pointed tweezers he used for his craft, and also for removing splinters from active kids.

I would use these tweezers to groom my eyebrows and pluck stray hairs (which I’m getting more of lately). Dad’s tweezers didn’t grab well, and would often slip … but they were Dad’s!

I had tried a cheap set of cosmetic tweezers years ago, and they were terrible. But I kept hearing good things about Tweezerman, so last Christmas, I bought myself a set.


Tweezerman mini tweezers

I have one of these mini slant tweezers, in bright green.

These tweezers work incredibly well. The tips are precision ground flat, so they meet perfectly and hold whatever’s between them.  [And Tweezerman company will resharpen them, if you don’t keep fine sandpaper around.] They come in a protective plastic tube. Even the paint on the handle has some “grip”, so your fingers won’t slide around.

I wasn’t sure about the size, but the mini size is perfect. When I work on my eyebrows without my contact lenses in, the back of the tweezers won’t bump the mirror 3 inches from my face.

And removing stray hairs is now a 10 second task, not 5 minutes of fumbling around.

Amazon has a great price on them, too.


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