Welcome to My World

We all know who this fellow is:

dos-equis-beer-the-bulk-of-your-life-should-be-off-the-record-1600-47490When some friends started sharing “Most Interesting Man in the World” jokes, I realized I’m an interesting woman. And while I’ll be keeping much of my life off the record (including my real name, for now), I do have things I want to share.

So I’m starting this blog. It will be interesting.

Who Am I?

For the time being, I’m using the name Hilda Corners, after one of my fictional role models.

Hilda, also known as Sharpie, was the older female lead character in Robert Heinlein’s book “The Number of the Beast”. At the time the book action took place, Hilda was in her 50s, had been married several times, and was a bored academic socialite.. She was a bit cranky, more than a bit snarky, and ready for action — which the book provides. [I may review the book later. It’s about 60% excellent.]

Lie Hilda, I’m in my 50s and have been married several times.No socialite here; my most recent divorce wiped my assets. [More on that later too. Maybe.]  But I won’t be beaten, and can’t be kept down. I’m rediscovering Life. I’m not cranky, and only a little bit snarky.

My Enneagram is 5w4, if anyone cares. And unlike most personality tests, it seems accurate.

What I’ll Be Writing About

Almost anything, but I’ll focus on a few general topics:

Girl Woman Game

I’m a single 50-something woman. Unlike many of my single friends, I have not sworn off men (never!). It’s been a long time since I was last single and looking, so I’ll be writing about some of the changes I’ve found in the 21st century world of relationships. This will include discussions of evolutionary psychology, the chemistry of love, and sex.


Like it or not, appearance matters. Fitness, health, clothing, hair, and skin care/makeup become more important as we get older. I look youthful for my age, but those wrinkles are appearing, the gray hairs are definitely there, and my weight needs constant supervision.

I’ve looked at lots of online info for older women, and have not been happy with what I found. So I’ll be posting the kind of things I’d want to find: makeup videos for older women, fashion tips for the no longer young who refuse to dress like old ladies, hair tips …

I Make Things Too

I sew, knit, crochet, make digital art, repair houses, assemble Ikea furniture … when I have a project I think you’ll like, I’ll discuss it.

And All the Rest

I’ll be posting assorted bits of philosophy, maybe a political essay or two, and some ideas about ethics, etiquette, and the like.

I have children on the ragged edge of adulthood; I may post about them.

There may be an occasional post about a past marriage.

And an assortment of random things.


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